The Commercial Opportunity

Recombinant proteins are an important class of therapeutics used, amongst other applications, to replace deficiencies in critical blood borne growth factors and to strengthen the immune system to control cancer and infectious disease. Therapeutic proteins (“biologics”) are also used to treat patients suffering from many conditions, including various cancers (monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and cytokines); cardiovascular conditions (mAbs and enzymes); inherited and lysosomal storage disorders (enzymes and blood factors); metabolic conditions (hormones and growth factors), neurological disorders (cytokines); infectious diseases (proteins, cytokines and mAbs) and inflammatory conditions (mAbs). 

The total market for biopharmaceutical products is currently estimated to be $64bn ( 2006, the erythropoietin class accounted for $11.9Bn in sales; the Inteferon Beta Class accounted for $4.4Bn in sales; the Human Growth Hormone Class accounted for $2.3BN in sales; and the Inteferon alpha class accounted for $2.26Bn in sales.

Top biopharmaceutical products include Aranesp (rEPO for Anemia, $4.12Bn sales in 06 for Amgen), Neulasta (PEG G-CSF for neutropenia, $2.7Bn sales in 06 for Amgen), Avonex (Inteferon b 1a for multiple sclerosis, $1.7Bn in sales for Biogen Idec). By 2010 the biopharmaceutical market is expected to represent 17% of all prescriptions written compared with 2004's 12%.