Asterion: The Platform for Value Creation

Over the last few years, Asterion’s strategy has been to focus its efforts and limited resources on demonstrating the utility of its ProFuse™ technology and to generate improved third generation biopharmaceuticals (AFT™ drugs).  Asterion believes it has achieved this with the highly encouraging results obtained from its growth hormone agonist and antagonist programmes, conducted in collaboration with Ipsen.

In the recent past, Asterion has broadened its patent portfolio and has applied its technology to create IP for a range of commercially important drug product targets.  In addition, as resources have permitted, the technology has been further validated in in vitro and in vivo tests. 

Asterion now has a timely opportunity to build on the sound foundation it has created to increase the value of the company significantly. To this end, Asterion’s plan is to develop a broader range of AFT™ drugs internally and in collaboration with new partners.

Asterion intends to increase the value of its business by proving the preclinical and clinical utility of its own, high value proprietary assets.  Asterion’s initial clinical focus will be on a BIOBETTER™ target.  The Company is thereby initially adopting a lower-risk development strategy by applying its technology to create improved versions of existing products that are used in established markets. In the first instance, the focus will be on developing third generation AFT™ drugs that address unmet clinical and commercial needs in markets where the targets (and disease markers) are validated, the clinical development path is known and the commercial opportunity is clearer.

Asterion will follow a proactive business development strategy.  The ultimate goal is to provide superior returns for investors.