ProFuse™ Therapeutic Platform

Animation 1: Cytokine signals a cell to divide

This animation shows the mechanism of action for growth hormone at its receptor on white blood cells. In the first frame you see red and white blood cells in the circulation. As the frame moves on we focus down onto a white blood cell. Then we lift back into the circulation at high power and you can see growth hormone in gold, binds to its binding protein in green. We now descend with growth hormone towards the surface of the white cell and you can see receptor dimers on the cell surface. One receptor cleaves off to provide growth hormone binding protein. But then free growth hormone comes along and binds to another receptor triggering a conformational change in the dimer. This results in a signal being transmitted into the cell. The cell then divides in response to this signal.


Cytokine signals a cell to divide


Animation 2: Asterion's AFT™ drugs

This animation shows ProFuse™ concept in action. Here you can see the chimeric ligand receptor fusion of a cytokine with its extra cellular domain receptor (AFT™ drug). As the frame starts you can see the cytokine molecule in red fused through a covalently bound linker to the receptor in green. The linker is flexible and the cytokine is therefore able to bind the fused receptor as in the native formation. As we move into circulation you can see that the ligand receptor fusion exists in a number of different confirmations, either the cytokine binding to itself or in a head to tail reciprocal dimer. In the last part of the animation we see the AFT™ drug is free to bind the cell surface receptor and trigger the signal to the cell.


Cytokine signals a cell to divide