Partnering and Collaboration

In addition to its ongoing R&D programmes, Asterion seeks to enter into commercial partnerships with pharma and biotech companies to leverage its expertise and technology more broadly across a wider number of protein drug candidates. The company has IP for a number of existing biopharmaceutical targets, as well as for certain novel targets, and is exploring the possibility of out-licensing certain of these assets.

We believe our technologies have a number of commercial benefits:

  • Application of our ProFuse™ technology to produce long-acting, potent therapeutic proteins for existing or novel targets
  • Significantly improving the pharmacological characteristics of existing blockbuster biopharmaceuticals
  • Enabling companies to manage the life cycle of existing drugs (or franchises) by producing next-generation versions of existing products
  • Enabling companies to respond to the pressures exerted by biosimilar products by offering an improved next-generation product
  • Enabling companies with no existing therapy to enter into existing, highly competitive markets with an improved products with commercially attractive characteristics
  • Reducing product attrition, speeding development and avoiding costly failures associated with unvalidated targets and novel mechanisms of action
  • Generating products which have a number of inherently economic advantages (i.e. reduced investment costs for manufacturing, reduced doses and frequency of injection, higher patient benefit and convenience)

Please feel free to contact Asterion for more information about possible strategic collaborations, exploitation of Asterion's extensive IP portfolio or joint research and development proposals.