Our Product Candidates

Asterion has a broad range of commercially relevant product candidates. To summarise, Asterion’s technologies can potentially improve the profile of existing marketed biopharmaceuticals by:

  • Enabling fewer injections (extended half-life)
  • Prolonging the active life of the drug in the systemic circulation
  • Being potent and selective
  • Improving the therapeutic window for drugs that are rapidly cleared by the body (e.g. growth hormone) or which have significant dose-limiting side effects (e.g. interferon alpha)
  • Improving patient compliance and health economic outcomes
  • Improving protein stability in vivo, in vitro and in the supply chain
  • Reducing the immunogenicity of products in comparison to other technologies (products are fusions of naturally occurring and circulating proteins)
  • Improving the cost and complexity of manufacture and formulation
  • Creating low viscosity parenteral products that can be administered through a small gauge needle to reduce pain at the injection site
  • Providing stability in solution facilitating supply in solution and therefore no requirement for complex systems for reformulation by the patient.

Patent and IP Strategy

  • Our international filing strategy has generated 107 Applications, which to date has resulted in 9 granted patents.