Asterion Develops Novel Therapeutic Proteins

Our mission is to design and develop superior, patient-friendly drugs for the treatment of serious chronic and acute disorders. Our patented technologies and products offer the promise of long-acting potent biopharmaceuticals that will require less frequent administration than existing marketed drugs. These products have the potential to improve healthcare outcomes and offer other potential benefits in terms of efficacy, side effect profile, compliance and manufacture.

To achieve our mission we apply innovative protein engineering techniques to create drugs for potential treatment of a variety of disorders. Asterion's approach is based on our expertise in structure-based drug design and medicine. Our pipeline of products promises treatments for conditions such as anaemia, neutropenia, multiple sclerosis, growth disorders and autoimmune disorders.

Our History

Asterion is a spin-out from the University of Sheffield, UK.  The Company’s technologies were developed from collaboration between clinician, Prof. Richard Ross, structural biologist Prof. Peter Artymiuk and biochemist, Prof. Jon Sayers. Their combined clinical, structural and biotechnological expertise has produced a range of innovative and effective new technologies to support Asterion in its mission. Our ProFuse™ technology has been described in the respected journal Nature Medicine.