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Asterion: Corporate Profile

Asterion engineers novel therapeutic products based on its highly innovative ProFuse™ technology.  Asterion’s technologies represent a completely new approach to protein engineering.  ProFuse™ is inspired by Nature and offers a physiologically–based and elegant solution to a critically important problem for the pharmaceutical industry: how to make long-acting biopharmaceuticals that retain physiological activity, have limited side-effects and which can be administered simply.

We aim to provide the next generation of BIOBETTER™ drugs for patients with chronic, debilitating diseases. Asterion has an extensive portfolio of third generation therapeutic products including growth hormone (GH) agonists (for treating growth disorders), GH antagonists (for treating acromegaly), AFT™–erythropoietin, (AFT™–EPO for treating anaemia), and AFT™–granulocyte colony stimulating factor (AFT™–G-CSF for treating neutropenia).

3rd Generation Biopharmaceuticals

First generation therapeutic proteins such as insulin require frequent injection. Second generation products require less frequent injections but are complex to manufacture requiring complicated depot formulation or chemical modification e.g. PEGylation. Asterion’s third generation proteins are bioengineered for one-step manufacture, retain potent bioactivity and will require less frequent injection. Given that they are designed using completely native components, Asterion’s products also have the potential for a much improved immunogenicity profile.